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That kind of love

Listen Oh earth

Listen Oh skies

The saga of their love

They have madness in their veins

They are carving new paths of life

Desire in their souls

Fervor in their bodies

Left they the paths of world

They are vehement

Still tranquil

Ever since the eyes have met

Consciousness adrift

What kind of serenity is this?

What kind of love is this?

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Love never dies. It just goes silent. The more it stays silent, the more it becomes mightier. From deep inside it speaks with all the ascents and descents. It growls, it roars. Makes one tear blood. Live within itself for salvation. Slowly and steadily ones existence starts diminishing. And then who cares for the reward? Whether he turns around or not, long for us or not, loves us or not, it makes no difference to our vehemence.  

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