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Once upon a leisure…

One day, my leisure,
held my hand.
Took me to the alley,
where lived the springs.

I left the home,
some what carefree.
The heart believed in me,
and I had faith in it.

Along the way came a turn.
It got a little dark.
I got a little worried,
that where have I arrived.

There was no spring,
even after the turn.
Just some annihilated desires,
and some abolished of dreams.

When it seemed futile,
the quest of longing.
A fragrance aroused,
and the season changed

There you were
standing with arms wide open
as if you were there
to absorb all my pains

The moment was brief
my heart felt home
it felt like I was going to die
because of all that euphoria

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That Ceased Desire

 Here it brought me back
My heart, helpless
What can I do…

Staying away
Was not an option
What can I do…

Heart says
Go complete
That half finished conversation
That half finished memory

I agree today
It was a mistake
Heart says
Go facilitate
That suppressed hope
That suppressed warmth

Fate wants this
That we keep meeting as per customs
Heart says
Go make it permanent
That ceased night
That ceased desire

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A Lament

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.29.59 PMWhen you came to my home, I was in a dream
From the smell of your hair, the whole courtyard was a fragrant gleam

My hands were burning, your forehead was warm
On the misted glass of window, a reflection of two faces was drawn

My head was on your shoulder, I drowned in the fantasy
That is how the night of the beginning passed, like a gust of ecstasy

The flowers of morning bloomed, the hand of sunlight set free
Holding the cold umbrella of shade, a tree stood behind another tree

The bright red and green lips of sunlight, kissed your hair breeze
From the curiosities of your reflection, the flowing stream now freeze

That is how that night passed, like a dream burning in my chest
What a city of stone it was, a city beneath the city at rest

All the people of the city were stones, their complexions also stones
In the blind narrow streets, I held your hand through thorns

The mute valley would hear the thud, when a stone would fall on the ground
It was the silence of midnight, all the stars were dancing around

Hanging from the wall of bricks, a mirror was looking at you
Smelling the fragrance of long gone days, I felt alive too

Like a blinking doll from my childhood, your reflection was looking at me
There were pieces of jungles, rivers and deserts, couldn’t tell what was beyond thee

I had to go somewhere else, don’t know why I had lost my way
Seeing the glimmer of your country, I ended my journey there

The pearls of mist were on the forehead, the kajal of eyes was smiling
Until you would fall asleep, I would stay awake admiring

One day when we were just hanging, the paranoia engulfed thee
You had packed up to leave, even before my morning tea

When I couldn’t find you around, how restless had I got
The garland of dried magnolias, was hanging alone on the doorknob

In the storm of midnight, an empty paper was talking
How barren was the house without you, the walls of house were frightening

The streets were lit off like the evenings, the moon also decided to drown
You were in the rush to leave, and I couldn’t stop you around

Riding the boat of your conscience, I traveled across the river
The night was short, the journey was long, I landed in a valley of quiver

The flocks of so called friends, flying over my bed
Taking a few memories and some fragrance, I departed that valley of distress

I passed through your city again, reminded me of the journey we once took
On the thirsty loneliness of mine, the rivers of eyes laughed

How do i tell the story of my journey, the next turn was the turn of separation
Whose bracelets are these, who wore that ear stud of our adulation

What times does these toys belong to, who used to play here
Say something the sparrow of my soil, did you take my name in despair?

Every moment a thorn would prick, what kind of love it was
Some old paranoia, probably messed up your head, Alas!

I was a traveller and you were in rush, It was the time of departure
On one demolished platform of a train station, abandoned stood the traveller

The pain of loneliness was intense, I cried rivers
When the branch of comfort dried, the flower of loneliness shivers

That heaven was hidden in my heart, which I was looking for outside
Loneliness is heaven of my heart, I was and I am the one left by my side

It was not your fault, that I thought you were mine
Now I understood, now I remember, why that day you were very quite

What should I remind you, it was all a betrayal
The heart hurts for no reason, after all it was a very short conjugal?

What is there for me to cry upon,
It was nothing but a mere lamentation

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