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A memory…

it was a misty night

it was an incensed name

for no reason it was auctioned

was famous but still infamous 

dont know what has happened today

dont know why I long it so much today

now that is how I remember it

now that is how I cease those moments

the moments that i have lost somewhere

and all the dreams have lost with them

dont know why I miss them so much today

there is some light

there is some fire

or it may be a torch

it has to burn slowly

it has to live like that

on some turn of life

it will be seen again sometime

and then it will rain

out of season

out of time

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The One


There is someone after all,
who is running the system of existence.
Is the one!

The one that can’t be seen,
but can be seen everywhere.
Is the one!

Who keeps an eye,
and the knowledge.
Who knows before you,
your contentions.
The one who is shining,
In the mysticism of sub conscience.
Is the one!

Do not find him,
in the idols.
He is,
in theĀ changing seasons.
The one who is,
changing days to nights,
and nights to days.
Is the one!

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That Ceased Desire

 Here it brought me back
My heart, helpless
What can I do…

Staying away
Was not an option
What can I do…

Heart says
Go complete
That half finished conversation
That half finished memory

I agree today
It was a mistake
Heart says
Go facilitate
That suppressed hope
That suppressed warmth

Fate wants this
That we keep meeting as per customs
Heart says
Go make it permanent
That ceased night
That ceased desire

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