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Taught me a lesson

Made my heart forget everything

Millions of blessings,
but one stood out.

Gave me a heart,
that is eternal.

I got what I got; un-desired.
You gave what you gave; un-conditional

Got veiled from lover somewhere
Unveiled the truth elsewhere

Stains of deceit faded
Left behind your impressions

If a sinner like me was forgiven
I wonder what you fed to hell

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Once upon a leisure…

One day, my leisure,
held my hand.
Took me to the alley,
where lived the springs.

I left the home,
some what carefree.
The heart believed in me,
and I had faith in it.

Along the way came a turn.
It got a little dark.
I got a little worried,
that where have I arrived.

There was no spring,
even after the turn.
Just some annihilated desires,
and some abolished of dreams.

When it seemed futile,
the quest of longing.
A fragrance aroused,
and the season changed

There you were
standing with arms wide open
as if you were there
to absorb all my pains

The moment was brief
my heart felt home
it felt like I was going to die
because of all that euphoria

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