This page is going to be giving a lot of truths about the life that we live. It will be discussing so many taboos that we usually overlook or avoid discussing. I wont be advertising this page for certain reasons. But anyone who can access this page is more than welcome to follow it. If you want to follow it anonymously, even then you are as a respectable follower for me as any other.

I might be posting some explicit content on this page too, in terms of visuals or may be words. If you are under age and or cannot handle the content due to any other reason than I would suggest you do not follow the blog.

My objective of posting any content on this page would entirely be to learn something out of it, and nothing else. You have to get your hands dirty to clean the mud, so I will be jumping into the mud to learn about it. I might not be able to clean the mud ever, but trying is what a human beings should always be doing.

Happy Reading!



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