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The gust of wind
Would still be ruffling your hair today

The collar of your shirt
Would still fall of your shoulder today

In your hair
The lavender would still smell today

Cold winds at night
Would still pat you to sleep today

The cool of moonlight
Would still take you into dreams today

The sunlight in the morning
Would still be waking you up today

In my thoughts
Would you still talk to yourself today

I am looking at you from corner
Must you have been feeling today

In the lines of your hands
Must be finding my face today

Turning it upside down
Must be smiling to yourself today

While smiling your eyes
Would get some moist today

That shade that you once provided
Must be getting soaked by your tears today

The noise of rainfall
Must be reminding you of my songs today

All my talks
Must you be missing today

All my questions
Will you ever answer someday? 

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The One


There is someone after all,
who is running the system of existence.
Is the one!

The one that can’t be seen,
but can be seen everywhere.
Is the one!

Who keeps an eye,
and the knowledge.
Who knows before you,
your contentions.
The one who is shining,
In the mysticism of sub conscience.
Is the one!

Do not find him,
in the idols.
He is,
in the changing seasons.
The one who is,
changing days to nights,
and nights to days.
Is the one!

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