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Do what you want, get soaked in the rain once in a while, ride the bike standing, hitch hike sometime, talk to a stranger and tell him your story, dye your hair with some vibrant color sometime, backpack without a plan, befriend someone from a different class/race/social status, play tic tac on the sand at the beach, sing loudly while taking showers, dance to your favorite number, read a bad book or watch a D rated movie once in a while, get a gym membership and never show up, take a bus somewhere with no destination in mind, invite your friends over for dinner, do some drunk karaoke, smoke a cig or a blunt once, make a prank call, propose to someone you know for sure they will decline, watch a whole tv series one day while missing your work/school, make a bucket list even though you know you can’t complete it, eat on the curb with a homeless, dine in at a five star even if takes all your month income, tell your dark secret to a stranger on the train, make a meow sound secretly on an elevator, run down the escalator even it is going up, go to a nude beach, make a temporary reservation to your favorite destination, travel for real, house someone from the couch surfing, or couch surf, daydream, write letters, read poetry or better yet write even if you suck, sunbathe even if you are dark skin, give yourself a haircut yourself, love someone…

In short do whatever the eff you want, I promise you that people will judge you, but they will judge you anyway. Some things will get you in trouble, but then getting in trouble is life, getting out of it or learning from it is called living. Most people don’t live, they only exist!

Add to comments something like that, that I may have missed, I would love to try that too! Don’t just exist, live!

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That Ceased Desire

 Here it brought me back
My heart, helpless
What can I do…

Staying away
Was not an option
What can I do…

Heart says
Go complete
That half finished conversation
That half finished memory

I agree today
It was a mistake
Heart says
Go facilitate
That suppressed hope
That suppressed warmth

Fate wants this
That we keep meeting as per customs
Heart says
Go make it permanent
That ceased night
That ceased desire

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