That kind of love

Listen Oh earth

Listen Oh skies

The saga of their love

They have madness in their veins

They are carving new paths of life

Desire in their souls

Fervor in their bodies

Left they the paths of world

They are vehement

Still tranquil

Ever since the eyes have met

Consciousness adrift

What kind of serenity is this?

What kind of love is this?

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Taught me a lesson

Made my heart forget everything

Millions of blessings,
but one stood out.

Gave me a heart,
that is eternal.

I got what I got; un-desired.
You gave what you gave; un-conditional

Got veiled from lover somewhere
Unveiled the truth elsewhere

Stains of deceit faded
Left behind your impressions

If a sinner like me was forgiven
I wonder what you fed to hell

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Once upon a leisure…

One day, my leisure,
held my hand.
Took me to the alley,
where lived the springs.

I left the home,
some what carefree.
The heart believed in me,
and I had faith in it.

Along the way came a turn.
It got a little dark.
I got a little worried,
that where have I arrived.

There was no spring,
even after the turn.
Just some annihilated desires,
and some abolished of dreams.

When it seemed futile,
the quest of longing.
A fragrance aroused,
and the season changed

There you were
standing with arms wide open
as if you were there
to absorb all my pains

The moment was brief
my heart felt home
it felt like I was going to die
because of all that euphoria

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there was a time when
we were beautiful too
like the nestled fragrance of books
the breaths were still
with millions of unsaid words
we used to draw pictures

we would write a poem
on the feathers of birds
and tell them to the people
living on the far away lakes
who were far away from us
but who always lived nearby

the journey of new day along with a ray of light
when lands into our courtyard
then we would say
O Mother, the wings of butterflies are so pretty
O Mother, kiss me on my forehead
we want to go to the country of butterflies and fireflies
the colored fireflies
and the glowing butterflies
are calling upon us
the journey of new day
drenched in colors
along with the breezes
are calling upon us from the window

O Mother, kiss me on the forehead!

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A memory…

it was a misty night

it was an incensed name

for no reason it was auctioned

was famous but still infamous 

dont know what has happened today

dont know why I long it so much today

now that is how I remember it

now that is how I cease those moments

the moments that i have lost somewhere

and all the dreams have lost with them

dont know why I miss them so much today

there is some light

there is some fire

or it may be a torch

it has to burn slowly

it has to live like that

on some turn of life

it will be seen again sometime

and then it will rain

out of season

out of time

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File Apr 20, 3 54 11 PM
The gust of wind
Would still be ruffling your hair today

The collar of your shirt
Would still fall of your shoulder today

In your hair
The lavender would still smell today

Cold winds at night
Would still pat you to sleep today

The cool of moonlight
Would still take you into dreams today

The sunlight in the morning
Would still be waking you up today

In my thoughts
Would you still talk to yourself today

I am looking at you from corner
Must you have been feeling today

In the lines of your hands
Must be finding my face today

Turning it upside down
Must be smiling to yourself today

While smiling your eyes
Would get some moist today

That shade that you once provided
Must be getting soaked by your tears today

The noise of rainfall
Must be reminding you of my songs today

All my talks
Must you be missing today

All my questions
Will you ever answer someday? 

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The One


There is someone after all,
who is running the system of existence.
Is the one!

The one that can’t be seen,
but can be seen everywhere.
Is the one!

Who keeps an eye,
and the knowledge.
Who knows before you,
your contentions.
The one who is shining,
In the mysticism of sub conscience.
Is the one!

Do not find him,
in the idols.
He is,
in the changing seasons.
The one who is,
changing days to nights,
and nights to days.
Is the one!

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Do what you want, get soaked in the rain once in a while, ride the bike standing, hitch hike sometime, talk to a stranger and tell him your story, dye your hair with some vibrant color sometime, backpack without a plan, befriend someone from a different class/race/social status, play tic tac on the sand at the beach, sing loudly while taking showers, dance to your favorite number, read a bad book or watch a D rated movie once in a while, get a gym membership and never show up, take a bus somewhere with no destination in mind, invite your friends over for dinner, do some drunk karaoke, smoke a cig or a blunt once, make a prank call, propose to someone you know for sure they will decline, watch a whole tv series one day while missing your work/school, make a bucket list even though you know you can’t complete it, eat on the curb with a homeless, dine in at a five star even if takes all your month income, tell your dark secret to a stranger on the train, make a meow sound secretly on an elevator, run down the escalator even it is going up, go to a nude beach, make a temporary reservation to your favorite destination, travel for real, house someone from the couch surfing, or couch surf, daydream, write letters, read poetry or better yet write even if you suck, sunbathe even if you are dark skin, give yourself a haircut yourself, love someone…

In short do whatever the eff you want, I promise you that people will judge you, but they will judge you anyway. Some things will get you in trouble, but then getting in trouble is life, getting out of it or learning from it is called living. Most people don’t live, they only exist!

Add to comments something like that, that I may have missed, I would love to try that too! Don’t just exist, live!

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That Ceased Desire

 Here it brought me back
My heart, helpless
What can I do…

Staying away
Was not an option
What can I do…

Heart says
Go complete
That half finished conversation
That half finished memory

I agree today
It was a mistake
Heart says
Go facilitate
That suppressed hope
That suppressed warmth

Fate wants this
That we keep meeting as per customs
Heart says
Go make it permanent
That ceased night
That ceased desire

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Love never dies. It just goes silent. The more it stays silent, the more it becomes mightier. From deep inside it speaks with all the ascents and descents. It growls, it roars. Makes one tear blood. Live within itself for salvation. Slowly and steadily ones existence starts diminishing. And then who cares for the reward? Whether he turns around or not, long for us or not, loves us or not, it makes no difference to our vehemence.  

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